What When
Make AFL Skill Picker, NFL Skill Picker and EPL Skill Picker Android Apps to predict match results 2019
Typesetting exams with LaTeX 2019
Teaching Maths / Daily Org at EC 2018
Attending GSPV 2018
Launch a webapp to write report comments 2016
Predicting UFC fight winners with SciPy, scikit-learn and scrapy 2015
Make a groupon knockoff for a client 2014
At Pycon Australia 2014, 2015
Creating a web based teacher marks book 2013
Science and maths teacher at SCC 2013
MBA at Adelaide 2012
National exhibition manager at BSA 2012
Concert promoter including production/distribution of live CD 2011
Discovering Python and Django 2010
First foray into coding with this 2008
Chaplain and pastor at TC 2007
Public speaking at Nepean Valley Toastmasters 2002
Bachelor of Science (Maths and Geophysics) Sydney 1993